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Colleen looking over glassesLove your Work. Love your Life!

As a Spirited Business Advisor, I can offer you many same day solutions to problems facing you and your business. Even if you are a solo business owner, you have a team.

They include your vendors, clients, landlord, repairmen, bookkeepers, CPA’s, employees, independent contractors, suppliers, utility companies, family, close friends, investors, etc. All the needed pieces that keep your business running smoothly are part of the team. Having good communication with all of them is vital to your peace of mind and daily success.

Teamwork is essential to the FLOW of the daily affairs and monthly goals you work toward.

FLOW is your Foundation, Leadership, Organization, Wonder. All facets of your business structure working together in harmony.

Talk to me!

I know your story because I worked through my own for over 22 years. You hold a big umbrella over all the pieces and people and finances and processes. There are so many details that need your attention. Whatever it is! It’s all a big stew of stress until you reach out and ask for an expert to assist.  A relaxed mind is a productive mind. Let’s start there! I’m here for you! Thirty years of retail management and owning my own business.

The innovative techniques and hands on problem solving, you can’t learn in school. Intuition is a skilled gained from deep listening and attention to the spirit of things. You can’t buy it or fake it. There’s no certificate or degree that proves expertise. Proven success and a solid record of meeting goals is what you want in your advisor. I am the woman who has seen it all in owning a business, loved (almost) every minute of it and offer my services to the spirited entrepreneur who is ready to grow. My clients have the added advantage of my skills of intuition coupled with hard earned lessons in the life of a business owner. Your story is unique and so must the skills

From there you will immediately have a calmer plan of action with  immediate and positive insights. Our goal planning together will turn worry into wonder. We’ll map out how to create your business flow.

Work with me and  I guarantee, you and your staff will be stirred with renewed vision and effectiveness. We can work by phone, email and Skype. Want to work on site? Love to!


Spirited Business Mastery Plan Options

Let’s Get To It.


You own a store-front retail or service based small business,

and want to increase sales and profits.

You need to have someone see your business clearly when you can’t, to illuminate

what’s needed for growth.

You struggle with keeping all the balls in the air and looking like you know what you are doing.

You are ready to be honest about your roles and responsibilities and how to use what you know to hire, fire, delegate and restructure to have the business you deserve.

You are a genius at most things and need “The Idiot’s Guide” for other stuff. Stop hiding out and hoping you don’t get caught.

You are ready to STOP guessing what the next best move is for your business and KNOW exactly what to do NOW.

You need to talk to someone who “gets it”! You’re not looking for sympathy, you’re not a whiner, you want an intelligent conversation from an expert who offers sage advice and sound business practices.

You are overwhelmed with to-do lists and underwhelmed with how-to’s.

You are 100% heart-centered in your ownership/managerial role and invested in honestly assessing what needs fixing.

You are ready to lead your workplace fearlessly and love your life fully.


I have 32 years of retail management experience, 22 of those years owning my own successful retail store here in Orange County, CA.

I know what it’s like to put it all on the line and then pray it all works out.

I promise I will not only listen deeper than the superficial business problems but get in to the real solutions that will guide you to your best business.

I believe that when you are really honest about what you are truly available for in your business, it becomes easier than you can imagine.

I believe maintaining a successful business doesn’t have to be difficult. Hard work; yes but not stressing to the point of burnout or giving up.

I have gone before you and I am here to show you the road to amazing client relationships, easier workflow and the truly satisfying business life you desire.

I developed a loyalty in my clientele that was unmatched in my industry and secured my 22 year success while competitors struggled.

I believe the answers aren’t all in neat books with clever titles and tidy study courses. Face to face, real time intervention with your experienced advisor is the key to making lasting change. I apply calmness, openness and fearlessness in turning problems into possibilities.

I understand the ins and outs of a small business owners life, the long hours, the sleepless nights, the visible and invisible at work and the magic that happens when the spirit of your business is awakened.

I’ve experienced all the ups and downs of starting, owning and selling a small business over 22 years. You can talk to me. I’m here for you!


The first step is a Spirited Business Mastery Business Freak Out Session

1-hour assessment of what is REALLY going on in your biz, good and not so good; by phone or Skype;

The goal is to clarify what is really getting in your way and give you at least five clear action items to address your crisis at hand.



If you are a local, Southern California retail business, I offer a half day, initial store assessment of your retail space layout and presentation, efficiency review of work flow and job duties, evaluation of customer interaction and sales procedures. As an intuitive advisor and retail expert in customer satsfaction, you will receive invaluable insight from me on what makes a customer want to buy from you and what you may be doing to stop them from buying without you realizing it! I guarantee a very productive and money saving half day adventure in retail brilliance that will delight and amaze you! Your investment with your Spirited Business Advisor will be rewarded many times over.



From there, we can develop personalized business strategies to move you to your next growth as needed, customized to your unique desires and approach to your business vision. You decide what you want.


Email me here and let me know how I can best serve you. What is most frustrating you in running your small business AND what are you proudest of  about being a small business owner? Or leave your name and call back # here @949-350-8763. I’ll contact you to arrange a 15 minute complimentary consultation to discuss what you need and how I can assist you.

I’m looking for business owners as clients who stand for excellence in all levels of their business and understand the value in seeking expert guidance when it’s needed.

If you are ready to elevate your workplace to its brilliance and step into your own zone of genius, I am here for you.

Working with your  Spirited Business Advisor will help you achieve all this and bring a little magic along as well!

Integrity, intuition, communication skills, inspiring employees through visionary management and bringing playful ambition into the mix, I offer fresh insight to inspire you and your business to prosper, be successful and  solve problems fearlessly.