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You Have The Power To See Clearly

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How would your work day begin if you believed beyond a doubt, that YOU ruled your world? What thoughts would follow you through your meetings, decision making and personal choices if it was true for you? If every step you took and thought you had, was based on KNOWING you were guiding your business with confidence, clarity and control, how would you carry yourself, sit at your desk, welcome others into your office?

If you decided right at this very moment that you want to step out of any hazy confusion and unclear focus that may be hampering your business brilliance, you could begin to better rule your world by the end of the day. How do I begin, you ask? Let’s put a pause on action for a moment and consider stillness.


So often as business owners, our minds are running twenty feet ahead of us at all times. It’s a constant catch-up to our daily responsibilities while simultaneously trying to hold on to that great idea we had two minutes ago before the phone started ringing, an employee appears with a problem looking for immediate solutions and  a client just walked through the door. In the center of that moment there is the calm of stillness, that if you  practice holding onto, will calm your nerves, and help you see yourself standing in the center of the storm, where stillness exists. It is the pause at the end of each breath, the rest at the end of each heart beat. I call it the non-action response to action. In the pause, you make right decisions.

You have the ability to rule your world and see clearly when the center of you is calm. Only when you possess the inner calm of a well-trained “Warrior of Well-being”™, can you possess a keen awareness of the immediate needs of those in your charge. You RULE your world with confidence when you hold your steadfast authority as a source of peace and purpose, rather than worry and confusion.  YOU = center of storm. Problems= storm!

Moment by moment clarity is all one can ask for and expect in the daily surprises that show up in your world; office/business and on-line. The positive results guaranteed through applying daily doses ofconfidence and clarity will produce the leadership control required of you to remain strong and profitable.

With daily wisdom and compassion, you’ll live in your world as a well-respected ruler no matter the chaos that may suddenly swirl all around you.

Consider your perspective as it applies to seeing your business through a calm and steady mind. Perspective is from the Latin meaning, “to see through”.  Your best business strategy can become a kind of “x-ray vision.” And wouldn’t that be a speedy advantage to solving problems?