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Soul Healing through the medicine of animals

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Spider, weaving the patterns of life.

Spider, weaving the patterns of life.

Our Native American brothers and sisters have shared the teachings of the medicine power in animals with all of us in order to bring healing to the mass consciousness. Medicine, in the context of power animals, means finding and deepening our closeness to the Divine Mystery. And in so doing we open our hearts, minds and spirit to higher levels of strength, spiritual power and a clearer understanding of our personal role in the ultimate creation of life. Not a small thing, indeed!

I have been studying the Medicine Cards and Animal Medicine for five years. My soul journey lead me to these Power Animals and their desire to assist me, through an auspicious dream. The dream came to me the evening after my sister Molly and I had spent an afternoon out running in the Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness park in Aliso Viejo, CA. It was dusk as we finished the run, heading back along the fire trail. We had a conversation about wild things in the wilderness and what would we do if we encountered a big, hairy beast? We laughed about it and then ran fast to leave the park before the sun slipped all the way behind West Ridge and stranded us in the woolly and wild darkness.

In the dream I woke up and found a big black cat sitting on my bed and staring at me. Jumping right up, I shooshed her out of the bedroom, asking her “Where did you come from and what are you doing in my home?”

I followed her black slinky body out into my living room and discovered a menagerie of every kind of wild beast, bird, critter and creature filling the room and all talking at the same time. A lion strolled through the dining area while birds were chattering and flying above. Creepy crawlers were taking over the floor space moving alongside all sizes and shapes of four legged wilderness animals, each one trying out all the chairs and sofa. I had walked into a dream jungle in my little apartment at 3am. I began swinging my arms over my head and telling all the wild ones they could not be here, they had to go; out! out! out! I managed to make my way to the front door, opened it wide and started insisting they all leave. No animal was eager to move out. None were aggressive, nor did I feel the least bit of fear. One by one, however they flew out, crawled out and stampeded their way outside. I recall the noise of it all! One of the last to leave was a badger. Before obliging me, he lurched towards my open left palm and bit down, drawing blood. It was the same spot where I had seriously injured my thumb in a recent mountain biking accident. The dream was so real in every sense, I knew deep meaning lay hidden within.

Aggressive Healer

Aggressive Healer

I phoned my sister Karen for her spiritual wisdom and sage advice. “Study the Native American teachings of power animals. The badger biting your injury and drawing blood is very symbolic. The animals are calling out for you somehow!”

So began my journey into exploring and understanding the healing and insight gleaned from a spiritual opening to calling in my totem animals. When I began my Shamanic studies  two years ago, my practice with the medicine of power animals and using the oracle cards to further my understanding, had well prepared my path to my totem animals; Spider being my main Power Animal.

Spider speaks to us of the infinite possibilities of creation. Her eight legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel. Create! Create! This is the message Spider brings when she comes crawling along, spinning her stunning web of delight and wonder.

Badger carries aggressiveness in his long claws and sharp teeth. He will fight for what is right. Many powerful medicine women carry Badger medicine. They are the finest healers because they never give up on the seriously ill and will seek all methods of care to insure better health.

We all have access to the amazing personal power assistance that is available in the animal kingdom. They each have a special gift to offer us. All we have to do … is dream.