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Wage War Against Low Wages

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I stopped for lunch at Wahoo’s for a fish taco yesterday,in Laguna Beach, Ca. I had a client work day across the street, so the idea of my lunch break looking out over the ocean while I enjoyed one of my favorite meals, sounded perfect. The weather was cooperating nicely. Sun, breeze, not too hot, clear skies out 25 miles to Catalina Island.

The employee behind the counter, was genuinely happy I’d come in to order. She liked me so much, she offered me a FREE chicken taquito to go with my fish taco. She smiled and asked if I’d like some FREE lip balm and a tube of FREE sunscreen, also. ?? Ok, sure! Seemed like I’d chosen a day to have lunch where they were giving out FREE stuff. I noticed the posted sign on the cash register that read today was a special FREE offer day.

The pleasantry that I was greeted with, continued with the waitress, who brought my lunch to me outside on the patio, the employee who collected finished plates from guests, offered water to others and made sure each customer was being served well. Not one customer went unnoticed or neglected.
The order counter, the kitchen and the staff making their rounds kept a fast pace and shared smiles with everyone. They acted like they really owned the place.

When I was finished basking in the sun and enjoying my delicious lunch, two employees made sure they said goodbye, thanked me for coming in and wished me a good day.

Fish tacos. $3.00 I can’t recall when I’ve had such care put into my experience about eating out. Not for $20, $35, or $75 (for two)! I put in a call and left a message for the store manager to express my appreciation and delight at how well these Wahoo’s employees were trained to treat the customers above and beyond.

And I wanted to know, are they getting paid above minimum wage? Are they receiving performance-based incentives to reward and to share in the success of this restaurant? Is part of the store profits being fairly distributed as bonuses for such commitment and excellent work?

Paying your employees well, is very good for business. Cost and Trader Joe’s are known for paying way above minimum wage to employees. I’m hoping Wahoo’s is following that good idea.

Employees want two things.
1. A fair and equitable place to work.
2. A decent living wage for great work performance (and bonuses!) and to share in profits they had a direct role in creating.
Let’s add a third thing. To be appreciated by your superior for your efforts.

If you are pay your staff better than they could earn at the competitor and tell them how much you appreciate their work, your bottom line will always be better.

Wahoo’s in Laguna Beach is rockin’ customer service.

I sure hope the boss is showing his appreciation every pay-day.

I read Forbes but I don’t care

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The recent March 2013 issue of Forbes cover informs us that there are 1,426 people who control the world. They are billionaires. Their combined  net worth is 5.4 trillion dollars. Give or take a billion. Now what does this mean to you and me, small business owners happy to cover expenses and put some money in our savings account each month? Nothing, really.  I find it interesting reading to get a feel of the work pulse on where we spend our money and how the finances of the world shape our ideas, dreams and vision.

But the idea that less than 1,450 people control the daily lives and choices of 7+billion people had me thinking about my own life. And your life. Who is in control? What choices are ours alone that determine the quality of our lives and of our loved ones and not determined by 1,426 strangers from across the globe?

As an independent business owner, or entrepreneur if you prefer, our daily waking goal is to maintain our lives controlled by no one but ourselves. Yes, I understand how we have no choice about gas prices to fill our tanks, other than choosing the gas station closest to our home or to drive over to Costco to say $1.75 a tank. Someone, a BIG someone is controlling gas prices. But we can control where we buy gas and how well  we organize our trips in the car.

Home prices, mortgage rates, rents, leases, price of pork bellies; in the hands of someone else. BIG someone else’s.  Yes, THEY control that.

But in my life and  in you life, dear small business owners, your world’s daily choices in creating your own plans, productivity and profits lie within your own power. The richest people on earth are not all listed in Forbes issue this month. Even if Forbes says they are.

The richest people on earth are the people who follow their dreams, love easily and find purpose in all they put their hands to.

I live in a world of the brave, the talented and the creative breed of small business owners who face each day believing in the bigness of their heart and the unlimited riches of possibilities and purpose and watching it grow into beautiful realities they can deposit into the hearts and their bank accounts.

I don’t care about how many billionaires “control the world.” But I do care about the choices I make for myself today that control my world and make it the best place to live for me. And I care about your choices and that you are thinking smart and happy for your own net worth.

Be your own thrillionaire. Nothing stopping us there.

Or controlling us.

You’ve got 3 seconds! How are you making that first impression?

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Walking into most retail store these days, you are often greeted with “Hello.” It appears management is well aware of the need customers have for feeling welcomed and recognized when they enter. They could be sitting at home ordering those office supplies, two new blouses, running shoes and golf clubs on line, but instead have taken the time and  gas to drive through traffic, find a perfect parking spot, and walk themselves into the possibility of buying from you. Even if these potential buyers, are showrooming, comparing your prices to prices of your competition by phone, right in front of you; they are potential buyers if you know the 3 things they care about more than anything when it comes time to pulling out the plastic and cash. It begins before Hello.

As a small business owner, I understand the dark cloud of big competition that may hang over your head like a thunderhead waiting to drown your business progress. After running my own retail business for over 22 years, sometimes single handedly, I absolutely understand the worry. But this is what I know about customers and saw its’ results for myself, over and over again. And it’s how I beat the big competition, daily.

1. It begins before Hello.

Consider how your potential customer  first makes contact with you. Is it by phone? Are they checking over your website? Or have they decided to walk into your store and check you out in person? In the first three seconds of making contact, your customers subconscious mind has already signaled a positive or a negative message to their conscious mind. When they phoned the store, was their call answered within 3 rings, by a welcoming voice and message? Or were they promptly stuck on hold while three other callers vied for attention? Positive or negative, you’ve got 3 seconds.

Is your website up to date with current store hours and easy to find phone numbers and information. Would you feel welcomed by the appearance of your website introduction if you were a customer?  Step back and be objective or ask trusted friends and customers. Updating your site when necessary, is a sound investment and doesn’t have to be expensive.

BEFORE, they walk into your store, as they approach the entrance, does it invite them in? Is it swept of debris? Are your windows cleaned routinely? Are there fingerprints and smudges on the front door or is it wiped clean as needed? Is there a welcome sign? Is the entrance free of clutter and your hours of business are easy to read and replaced when worn? Is your front entry telling your potential customers they are expected and welcomed? Are they picking up “warm and fuzzies” before the door swings open or do they instantly feel  they may be just another inconvenience to you because they don’t feel welcomed. Because, dear hard working, small business owners, that is where you make your sales with your customers. In their heart, where they feel pleasure in purchasing your wares and services. Because you make them feel good within 3 seconds. You initiate trust. It’s safe to do business with the those who really care about how I feel.

2. Secondly; they want to be acknowledged.

“How can we help you?” becomes the invitation to explore how you are going to take care of them. “Can I help you?” Only leaves space for yes, or no. Invite them into the wonderful possibilities of doing business with you. Find out what they want and need. Show them you’re listening.

3. “May I know your name?”

“My name is  (you) and I can take care of you today” Ask permission to get to know them so you can start a conversation that’s worth both your time. A gentle hand on their shoulder or forearm melts resistance and offers a safe place to solve their problem. Dialog is a boring ping pong game of words bounced back and forth that have no feeling or desire. When you offer to have a “conversation” you open the space between the two of you to get to the heart of their need. “A conversation of equals……inside the intensity of creative originality,” so writes David Whyte in his book, “Crossing the Unknown Sea, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.”

Pay attention to their name. If you practice deep listening and repeat their name and use it throughout the sale, 8 out of 10 times you will have a new customer. There’s always the 2 that got away. But they make good practice and help sharpen your skill of listening.

Test out these principles next time it’s your turn to be a potential customer. Start paying attention to how your subconscious mind is making you feel and directing your choices. Where do you love to shop? Why? Where do you avoid having to walk in?

Understanding these 3 crucial needs of your customers can revolutionize those 3 seconds in your favor and chase that dark cloud of big competition away, forever.

You Have The Power To See Clearly

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How would your work day begin if you believed beyond a doubt, that YOU ruled your world? What thoughts would follow you through your meetings, decision making and personal choices if it was true for you? If every step you took and thought you had, was based on KNOWING you were guiding your business with confidence, clarity and control, how would you carry yourself, sit at your desk, welcome others into your office?

If you decided right at this very moment that you want to step out of any hazy confusion and unclear focus that may be hampering your business brilliance, you could begin to better rule your world by the end of the day. How do I begin, you ask? Let’s put a pause on action for a moment and consider stillness.


So often as business owners, our minds are running twenty feet ahead of us at all times. It’s a constant catch-up to our daily responsibilities while simultaneously trying to hold on to that great idea we had two minutes ago before the phone started ringing, an employee appears with a problem looking for immediate solutions and  a client just walked through the door. In the center of that moment there is the calm of stillness, that if you  practice holding onto, will calm your nerves, and help you see yourself standing in the center of the storm, where stillness exists. It is the pause at the end of each breath, the rest at the end of each heart beat. I call it the non-action response to action. In the pause, you make right decisions.

You have the ability to rule your world and see clearly when the center of you is calm. Only when you possess the inner calm of a well-trained “Warrior of Well-being”™, can you possess a keen awareness of the immediate needs of those in your charge. You RULE your world with confidence when you hold your steadfast authority as a source of peace and purpose, rather than worry and confusion.  YOU = center of storm. Problems= storm!

Moment by moment clarity is all one can ask for and expect in the daily surprises that show up in your world; office/business and on-line. The positive results guaranteed through applying daily doses ofconfidence and clarity will produce the leadership control required of you to remain strong and profitable.

With daily wisdom and compassion, you’ll live in your world as a well-respected ruler no matter the chaos that may suddenly swirl all around you.

Consider your perspective as it applies to seeing your business through a calm and steady mind. Perspective is from the Latin meaning, “to see through”.  Your best business strategy can become a kind of “x-ray vision.” And wouldn’t that be a speedy advantage to solving problems?

You can do today, all year!

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What if we released your grip a bit on handling everything yourself and began delegating some of the work load to your employees? But what if you don’t have any employees and you work solo?

Try and remember two things I wish to share with you.

1. Never give up. 2. We can do today.

So often we easily overwhelm ourselves at 9 a.m. on Monday morning, thinking about what has to be done by Friday at 5pm. If we carry the thought we will never give up and that we can do today what needs to be done, we can cast off the heavy burden of 4 extra days of work and stay clear about todays’ job duties only. Being a business owner is a thrilling adventure of  a lifetime. As difficult and tiring as some days were when I ran my own retail business, I was always so fulfilled and proud to be own my own business.

During a time when I had to handle a difficult divorce, show up in court frequently, address mounting financial pressure the divorce brought, deal with the IRS audit that showed up at the same time and run my business 6 days a week with 1 part time helper, I was given a very important reminder from my sister. “You can do today, Colleen.” I was at the end of my sanity and mental strength when I phoned her to say I couldn’t take it anymore. There seemed no end in sight to my troubles, honestly! I felt my prayers were unanswered and my ship was sinking! But her advice that morning got me up out of bed with a re-awakened strength. I could do today. I’ve applied that simple principle often since that day seven years ago.

Making new and exciting plans for your beloved business is what a New Year is all about. How exciting! Focus on what needs your personal attention today. TODAY, that’s all there really is, you know!

Let me know how I can assist. I am here for you! Stay happy; stay OPEN!