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I read Forbes but I don’t care

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The recent March 2013 issue of Forbes cover informs us that there are 1,426 people who control the world. They are billionaires. Their combined  net worth is 5.4 trillion dollars. Give or take a billion. Now what does this mean to you and me, small business owners happy to cover expenses and put some money in our savings account each month? Nothing, really.  I find it interesting reading to get a feel of the work pulse on where we spend our money and how the finances of the world shape our ideas, dreams and vision.

But the idea that less than 1,450 people control the daily lives and choices of 7+billion people had me thinking about my own life. And your life. Who is in control? What choices are ours alone that determine the quality of our lives and of our loved ones and not determined by 1,426 strangers from across the globe?

As an independent business owner, or entrepreneur if you prefer, our daily waking goal is to maintain our lives controlled by no one but ourselves. Yes, I understand how we have no choice about gas prices to fill our tanks, other than choosing the gas station closest to our home or to drive over to Costco to say $1.75 a tank. Someone, a BIG someone is controlling gas prices. But we can control where we buy gas and how well  we organize our trips in the car.

Home prices, mortgage rates, rents, leases, price of pork bellies; in the hands of someone else. BIG someone else’s.  Yes, THEY control that.

But in my life and  in you life, dear small business owners, your world’s daily choices in creating your own plans, productivity and profits lie within your own power. The richest people on earth are not all listed in Forbes issue this month. Even if Forbes says they are.

The richest people on earth are the people who follow their dreams, love easily and find purpose in all they put their hands to.

I live in a world of the brave, the talented and the creative breed of small business owners who face each day believing in the bigness of their heart and the unlimited riches of possibilities and purpose and watching it grow into beautiful realities they can deposit into the hearts and their bank accounts.

I don’t care about how many billionaires “control the world.” But I do care about the choices I make for myself today that control my world and make it the best place to live for me. And I care about your choices and that you are thinking smart and happy for your own net worth.

Be your own thrillionaire. Nothing stopping us there.

Or controlling us.

Meet Eileen Troberman ATI, M.AmSAT Senior Instructor

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Eileen Troberman

Eileen Troberman

I would define myself as a seeker. Actually, it was my eyewear client Mark Charlet who told me that is who I am. The light bulb turned on and I had a name for myself ; finally! I am a seeker. I’m also a tracker which follows being a seeker, does it not?

Eileen Troberman

 This brings us to meeting Eileen Troberman.

 As a seeker of great health, enlightenment, joy, prosperity, a new single    track experience and beautiful new shoes, I have discovered a healing modality for my tight neck and shoulders. Following the bread crumb trail of my constant understanding of energy healing and our body dynamics,  led me to the words, the Alexander Technique.

I thought the very same thing! What is the Alexander Technique? It is a teaching of how to “reduce stress and compression while at rest and in your everyday movements and activities.” Through “effortless” correct posture, it teaches us ” a way of being that at the core of the technique, is a physical sense of lessened effort and lightness of being that brings a mental clarity and emotional lightness as well. ” Exactly. This is how I felt after one hour under Eileen’s gentle touch and guidance.

My neck. My poor aching neck; no more. In less time than it takes to finish up a load of laundry, and after 6 years of daily aching neck attention, I learned how to be in my body in a more gentle, effortless, stress free way so that the impulses I sent from my brain to my neck and back eased the constant tightness I had created for myself . All because I did not know how to let go of the holding pattern, much like trapped passengers feel, strapped into their seats circling the landing strip for hours and feeling like they will never be allowed to land and relax!

Eileen works with musicians, dancers, singers, athletes and any and all who experience physical pain at times. I don’t know any other kind of people but I suppose there are some odd ones out there!  It has been 4 days since my hour with Eileen and I am singing the praises of the Alexander Technique and Eileen’s expert attention to my personal needs. Wow. No, Super Wow.

Take a preview of her techniques on her on site videos.  Just going to her site and viewing all of them may offer you amazing help before you visit. But I do encourage you; experience her work in person. Nothing on  line will ever take the place of an expert’s healing touch and how your physical body responds to love. Eileen loves her work and now I love her work and I love the Alexander Technique and Mr. Alexander for teaching others these techniques.

Eileen also provides her session through skype using Fred as her model. Check out her skype pic. on line and you’ll see who Fred is. I met him while I was in her studio.

I’m referring anyone who complains about pain and tight muscles. And I will be back to see her for more training, very soon.

Seek and you shall find. Works every time.