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It's 4a.m. - Did you hear that?

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Let the healing begin.

Let the healing begin.

Sometimes I wonder for days and days, months and months, and then I know. It comes to me in the silence and in the dark and whispers to me in my dreams. It’s between 3 and 4 a.m. when the opening presents itself. I must listen very carefully; fully, open my heart and listen from there. The message. I listen to the un-words of the Unknowing in a language  that cannot be named. Nor does the language belong to anyone or anyplace, but to all. And when the message covers me, there is no doubt in any cell of my body. There is communion and I receive.

“It is time to hear with new ears and see with new eyes, to touch with a new touch and love with a new heart;

a broken heart.”

A broken heart? I wasn’t sure I “heard ” that correctly.  What is a broken heart? A broken heart is a weak heart is it not?  A broken heart implies it needs

repair to be whole again, new parts, a new pump, new pathways and then needs much rest so it can rebuild itself and be stronger and work efficiently and pump once again so every part of the body receives complete nourishment. Broken hearts need open-heart surgery.

Oh. I see.

We are to love with an open heart. And we are to be our own surgeons.

Inside every broken heart, is a new heart, a true heart, a perfect heart. It out shines, out beats, out performs the suffering heart that has kept us weak and fearful, lonely and penniless, even though every richness and overflowing abundance is laid out before us at our daily banquet of life.

If only we might see with loving eyes and touch with loving hands and speak with loving words and love with an open heart.

The loving always begins with ourselves. The brave new frontier of self care and self love. Now there’s a challenge for our New World. So easy to say we love someone else. But to look at our own reflection and say “I love you”, and mean it with all our heart, comes only when we have taken the scalpel of Truth and the steady hand of Grace and cut open our heavy laden hearts to reveal the true beating heart of Love.

Our new heart carries no blame, no past or future. It beats only Now, and knows only Love. It cannot remember or make plans. It exists only in this moment and this moment only knows Love. Now is where we live and love and prosper. And where everything and every thought is illuminated and every need is met.

As I made may way to the kitchen this morning, my attention was drawn to a pear sitting on the counter. I can’t remember when I bought it or how many days it has been on the counter waiting for me to reach out and take a bite and enjoy it. I took it in my hand and I noticed how beautiful it was. It was a perfect pear. How could I have missed seeing it before this morning?