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Seeing Clearly every day~

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The day I left the optometrist's office in downtown St. Louis with my first pair of glasses, and noticed the leaves on trees from across the street, I was hooked. I was in love with seeing my life more clearly. At 8 years old, wearing my sky blue, aluminum cat eyes, with tiny crystal embellishments, my world came into focus. It was the beginning of a life long love of wearing beautiful eyewear  and appreciating clarity.

My chosen path as a eyecare visionary, has included every aspect of the optical business since 1980, including owning my own optical shop for 22 years. From trainee, to lead optician, to store manager of a large optical chain, to ownership, to frame buyer for a multi-OD office and now retail optical consultant and speaker.  Seeing life more clearly, and teaching others what I've learned, has been a joyful journey!

Working in optical is new and rewarding every day because every client walks in needing something unique. No two are alike. The daily delight of how I can help and the reward of guiding others to see their very best has been, in a word, enlightening!

As I move on from the daily retail, into more speaking, teaching, writing, and consulting other eyewear professionals, the larger arena this presents  carries with it, a bigger world. And in this larger view, once again I see even clearer, that people and places and things are all ONE, searching for ways to see the leaves on the trees. And in doing so, discover the amazingly beautiful world we live in.

And what a grand profession for us to be in.

It's 4a.m. - Did you hear that?

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Let the healing begin.

Let the healing begin.

Sometimes I wonder for days and days, months and months, and then I know. It comes to me in the silence and in the dark and whispers to me in my dreams. It’s between 3 and 4 a.m. when the opening presents itself. I must listen very carefully; fully, open my heart and listen from there. The message. I listen to the un-words of the Unknowing in a language  that cannot be named. Nor does the language belong to anyone or anyplace, but to all. And when the message covers me, there is no doubt in any cell of my body. There is communion and I receive.

“It is time to hear with new ears and see with new eyes, to touch with a new touch and love with a new heart;

a broken heart.”

A broken heart? I wasn’t sure I “heard ” that correctly.  What is a broken heart? A broken heart is a weak heart is it not?  A broken heart implies it needs

repair to be whole again, new parts, a new pump, new pathways and then needs much rest so it can rebuild itself and be stronger and work efficiently and pump once again so every part of the body receives complete nourishment. Broken hearts need open-heart surgery.

Oh. I see.

We are to love with an open heart. And we are to be our own surgeons.

Inside every broken heart, is a new heart, a true heart, a perfect heart. It out shines, out beats, out performs the suffering heart that has kept us weak and fearful, lonely and penniless, even though every richness and overflowing abundance is laid out before us at our daily banquet of life.

If only we might see with loving eyes and touch with loving hands and speak with loving words and love with an open heart.

The loving always begins with ourselves. The brave new frontier of self care and self love. Now there’s a challenge for our New World. So easy to say we love someone else. But to look at our own reflection and say “I love you”, and mean it with all our heart, comes only when we have taken the scalpel of Truth and the steady hand of Grace and cut open our heavy laden hearts to reveal the true beating heart of Love.

Our new heart carries no blame, no past or future. It beats only Now, and knows only Love. It cannot remember or make plans. It exists only in this moment and this moment only knows Love. Now is where we live and love and prosper. And where everything and every thought is illuminated and every need is met.

As I made may way to the kitchen this morning, my attention was drawn to a pear sitting on the counter. I can’t remember when I bought it or how many days it has been on the counter waiting for me to reach out and take a bite and enjoy it. I took it in my hand and I noticed how beautiful it was. It was a perfect pear. How could I have missed seeing it before this morning?

Imagine All Those People, Living for Today...

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photo by Al Patterson

photo by Al Patterson

When I got out of bed this Sunday morning, I never IMAGINED I would be building a little snowwoman at 3,200 ft at 2 p.m. this afternoon.  After brunch, I talked us into a walk in the wilderness park just outside my partner’s condo. The rain had cleared for a bit,  bright- blue sky was bursting through huge billowy cumulus and a bit of exercise seemed like such a good idea to combat that extra waffle I could not deny.

Freezing wind was no match to our relaxed Sunday attitude, or our clothes or my crazy laughter at Al’s face barely visible through his zipped up hoody. I cannot recall EVER feeling so cold, taking a walk in the park on a sunny Southern California day. We turned our backs to the wind after 50 paces and laughed our asses back toward warmth. As we faced the backdrop of the Saddleback mountains heading back to forced heat, we were looking at snow capped peaks for miles. “How would you like to take a drive up the Ortega (Hwy.) to Blue Jay campground and see if we find some snow ?” Both of us long for any free time in nature, by foot, by bike, by truck. There’s always this weird “what if” conversation that precedes the  going.

We went through the usual decision making….”Do we really want to leave the warm condo today?” “What if the roads are closed?” “What if there’s no snow?” “Are you tired?” “Are YOU tired?” “Are we TOO tired?” “What about this?” “Well, what about THAT?”  ”Do you want to go?” “Well, do YOU want to go?” “I just put new tires on the truck yesterday so let’s test them out!!” Goodyears made the decision for us. Adventure it would be.


photo by Al Patterson

Yesterday I finished reading Martha Beck’s brand new book, “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.” She teaches all of us “wayfinders” that our “wayfinding Imagination runs on fun, not stress.” What I’ve been really good at these past 100 years is working really hard. Now I am learning the joy, the ease, the GIFT that is my Imagination and learning to have FUN, creates a life worth living, more than a life created through hard labor. “The wayfinder’s puzzle-cracking Imagination isn’t the conscious mind at work, but the subconscious mind at play.”

Today was a good day to play in the snow and even build a snowwoman. My Imagination took me there today and along with it, happiness, love and laughter came along for the ride.

I piled big heaps of snow on the truck windshield and smiled like an 8 year old all the way back through the Ortega, watching it melt and fly off piece by piece.

"Do you think we'll find any snow up there??

Note to Martha….”Thanks for writing the most inspired book I’ve ever read. It will require a second read from me to be sure I really absorbed it all. And yes, I have met my rhinoceros (a couple of times) and it absolutely is healing my life!”

Happiness is an APP

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Word is you can make a whole lot of moolah coming up with an APP everybody needs, (or they want so badly, it feels like a need.) I’d like to propose an APP for free to everyone. It can be downloaded into your thoughts and then copied into your heart and forwarded to all your contacts. It can improve all output of energy and input of ideas. All good comes from it and all bad can’t survive it.


Inside happiness is where like turns into love and sprouts wings of joy and makes all effort at work and play….happier. Happiness isn’t just what happens, it’s how you APPly the happiness factor to every decision at hand.

Perhaps we might answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” with the answer, “I work at being happy!” Happy people DO work better.

Find your happinesapp and plug in, download, share the file, and share the profits.

Author and happiness “expert” Shawn Achor, of Good Think Inc. wrote a book a called “The Happiness Project”. He explains that happy employees are 30% more productive than their unhappy or non-positive co-workers. (No surprise there.) He further explained how success orbits around happiness, not the other way around.

Ahhhhh! That was the nugget of gold I was digging for here….. Your app of happiness, makes all your other “programs” run sooo much smoother. Harness HAPPINESS as your sun and watch success, love, magic, and anything else your heart desires spin happy circles all around you.

Elementary, really--