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Whew! What a summer......

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Fires, fires and more fires. Record breaking size of fires. And smoke, everywhere there were fires and even where there weren't. And heat and humidity. For us Southern California peeps we cried and cried about humidity. Looking over the West Coast maps that showed where fires were burning all at once, gave me an Armageddon kind of feeling. Like when I used to believe in Armageddon. Now I believe in good people and not good people and try to stay clear of the not good ones.

The beauty surrounded by the prickly.

The beauty surrounded by the prickly.

The signs in the heavens; the eclipses and retrogrades and meteor showers, blood moons, big moons, solar flares, earthquakes, landslides, floods, news that the polar caps had record heat days and then to see Hurricane Lane and it's 160+ mph winds making history and messing with the Big Island that was still reeling from volcanic eruptions and lava flows. I could see and feel the anxiety that affected my work in retail. People were ultra sensitive and sometimes easily upset.

No wonder. I was happy not to go anywhere but to work, then home. I avoided crowds and too much direct sun. Thank heavens we have a/c at work and home. I might have had a few too many vodka tonics over these past three months but I chalked it up as holy water that blessed me and then maintained my low profile.

Last week, I went for an overdue haircut and encouraged Joseph to cut off three inches. An inch for each of the past three months that seemed just a bit too much! For two days I regretted the extra trim, but now it feels good. 

This big, blue, beautiful marble that spins us 'round and 'round and holds us down and feeds us and breathes for us, has its own agenda and simultaneously tries to handle all the shit we throw at it everyday at the same time. I see how we've collectively taken for granted all its majesty and have far too long, ignored our increasing human footprint and handprint. I'm confident enough of us are working together to repair and more closely address our earth home's needs, knowing we can better take care of ours at the same time.

Earth and its wonders reminds me to be more flexible, to make good change as needed, be aware of my neighbor and fully stop at all red lights. Try and slow down a bit.

Last evening I made plane reservations in October to travel to a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time. It seemed like a positive action after so many months of feeling fear and staying so close to home.  I went to bed and promptly had a nightmare that when we arrived, fires had just broken out and the sky was filling with smoke and clouding out the blue above.

Gee, I wonder why?