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Change of venue.

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There are no pixs to tell this short story. Because mostly it's about food and fun and I'd prefer you'd use your imagination than have to look at one more photo of someone's plate of food.

If you follow me on FB you can see some nice shots of the Anza-Borrego desert and my happiness at spending a day and a night out there getting wowed by the amazing landscape and all the elements that greeted us for our hike and stay over. 

If you've never been and you would enjoy desert hiking in the spring, AB is a must. Nothing out there but everything wonderful about natural beauty, unspoiled by sprawling suburbia. You drive through town in less than two minutes. Some nice places to eat and stay and this was a treat  also. The desert beauty is quite stunning in its own very special way.

But my post here is about the simple pleasure of getting away from routines and work and ruts, seeing something new and getting recharged and wowed by nature because nature knows what we need and when and how to break off our crusty shells and open us up like brand new kids all over again.

Nature humbles us with its powerful views, scents, plant life, rock formations, dramatic  and undulating forms that relate to us on such a deep level, trying to describe the feeling is inadequate. Nature's grandeur was here before us, will be here after, it knows all and tells us everything we need to know and it waits to be discovered and appreciates our company if we come to it with respect and an open heartedness. We give to nature in return if we can experience it in this way. 

The next morning as we got ready to leave, my husband suggested heading home the back way out of town, through the Yaqui Pass (another beautiful landscape) and into the town of Julian for breakfast. Julian is known for its apple pie and a stop off for Pacific Crest Trail hikers. 

Meeting interesting new  people along with new places is especially appealing to me. In Julian, we discovered Soups and Such Cafe for breakfast. The ambiance inside was delightful as soon as we entered. Our waitress Beatriz was sweet and full of smiles. She seemed genuinely happy to meet us.

I'm a breakfast snob away from home. But this time our delicious egg and potato breakfast was made so perfectly, I had to meet the owner/chef and thank him personally.

Ibrahin was born in Argentina and fed well by his grandmother, he explained. His friendly face and fab smile expressed well, his passion for his cooking and his cafe. HIs wife Lani is a florist and sells her bouquets there.   They met in NYC, got married and moved to Julian where Lani grew up. Ibrahin explained he'd been so spoiled by his grandmother's fabulous cooking that he had her teach him long distance how to prepare food as she did. 

"When people order I have to explain at times to relax and enjoy, because I don't hurry in my cooking. Everything is prepared when ordered." I told him his over-easy eggs were the best eggs I'd ever eaten away from home. The coffee, the bread, the cafe easy- listening music playing, and the local art that decorated the walls created a special place to put on our list of places to return and people we'd love to see again.

"If you enjoyed his breakfast, wait until you try his lunches!" our waitress said as we said our thanks and goodbyes.

Getaways don't have to be faraways. Two hours from home and a new nature experience and Ibrahin were there waiting to be discovered. If you just take a drive and look for a change of venue, things can shift in such a positive light.