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My Day Before Solar Eclipse Poem~~ August20, 2017

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Between the Shadows

As in a dream

my image forms shadows


and below

and I float between the two.


Am I but a reflection

of my higher Self

sandwiched between


my good and right and holy 

and my heavy, dark, cursed,

trying to remain safe

in my middle world

between the shadows.


I hear the song of Umalali

and my soul vibrates

to her freedom dance.


Mother pulls me close; down

to her roots and

Sky calls me to fly

and so my dance comes to me.


Giver of life, receiver too, mother,

woman, child, lover, gatherer

of all good and my

shadow self.


I go

I come

I dance and wonder,

is this my world?

Is this my beginning 

or an end to more

of what is asked

to stay knowing.





between the shadows.

© Colleen Hannegan

Light and Dark merging.

Light and Dark merging.