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It appears it's more difficult to care for others in front of you~~~

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Yesterday morning I was waiting to turn right at an intersection. Four cars in front of me.          Red light.... green light.

But as the light turned green, an old man was in the crosswalk across the four lanes headed our way. In a wheelchair. He was moving fairly quickly, hands to wheels, spinning as fast as he could to get to this side in his allotted time.

The first car at the turn was too impatient to wait for the man to wheel to the curb; he(or she) turned right. Granted the old guy had three more lanes to cross to get closer to us, but he was moving fast, he was easily visible, the law says WAIT and it was an old timer in a wheelchair!


Second car up, floors it and takes his right. "No!", I said out loud to my passenger husband. Not that I haven't seen this before. But the next moment, Mr. Wheelchair was really close and moving fast in the closer half of the crosswalk if that makes you feel more justified in waiting until he actually gets across safely to the sidewalk.

Third car in line.......yes.....steps on the gas, too and hurries a right turn in front of our handicapped, old man, wheeling as fast as he can, pedestrian, in a cross walk, with his green go signal, hoping to get to the other side and live though the afternoon. 

It's not necessary for me to repeat my  profane words I screamed to describe my horror at watching car #4 go ahead and turn right too, pretty much saying "fuck you" to the old man, in a wheelchair, in a crosswalk, expecting the proper lights, laws and drivers to let him make it across the street. Now he's so close I'm thinking OMG is he going to make it or is he going to get run over? Who will save him? 

I'm next in line and the still wheel'in old timer looks up at me, shaking his head and waves me through, too. I don't move. I wait. He keeps waving. No, I shake my head. No way. He wheels up to the sidewalk and moves on. 

I'm so disgusted with humanity at that moment. So many cars, so close, all willing to not respect this man trying to get through the crosswalk.  I've seen slow walkers on cell phones who don't give a crap anyone is waiting for them to get through the crosswalk. Yeah, I understand a driver's impatience with that. Still, chill out and follow the law. 

I thought about all the bad things that happen to people we don't know far from where we live, yet we share sympathies, donate relief funds, send messages of prayer and support.  It doesn't mean anything if we can't find patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, and 10 seconds in our self important lives to let an old man in a wheelchair, or anyone else get to the other side of the street and not fear getting run over. Shame on you.

Shame. Shame. Shame.