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Colleen Hannegan

After writing a really great post about my recent urge to try watercoloring, and feeling so inspired and waxing on about the wonder of it all, and finding all the right words about writing about the experience , just at the wonderful computer BLIPPED and POOF, this page went blank.

Oh drat! So instead of one more cuss word to end my evening, and after so many months not even writing a post here.... I shall keep it short, as the day has ended and I'm tired. Too tired to try and capture all I said so well, just moments before!

And share with you my beginner watercolor art thanks to a teacher from youtube and my beginner supplies from AAron Bros.Two lovely hours last Sunday afternoon.

Listening to my inner SHE, always surprises me with new ways to find beauty in my world.

And the best compliment my husband offered was that he hadn't seen me so calm and relaxed for two hours straight...ever.

Hmmmmmm. I think I need larger paper; bigger brushes.