Colleen Hannegan

Finding the words....and the perfect pair of glasses.

Flow, baby, flow.

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My heart is broken open….again. Love is the greatest adventure, the highest mountain; deepest ocean, immeasurable, ever moving, calm and raging- a peaceful revolution. It’s not a battlefield, though passing through its’ charge can bring down the mightiest and raise up the lowly to an equality of the human experience. 


    Love heals, though it can feel like pain, chipping away at the hardened shell we often hide in imagining we are safe and cannot be touched by true love that always asks for our surrender.


    How difficult,  to be looking into the depth of our soul, facing our self truth and coming to a screeching halt, knowing there is only this one truth that will set us free from all doubt and worry- that we are lovable. And realizing  the only change that we affect in our lives and in this world is accepting that unattached loving is our greatest lesson, our prized possession, our only honest,  deliberate purpose in life…to love ourselves and all we put our attention to without attachment to outcome. There is no finish to love, or end. It can’t be dammed up and collected or saved or hidden away or owned. 


    And when we hurt and blame loving, we know we’ve tried to hold too tight to the outcome we imagined. An open heart is a living place for love that has no walls, no roof, no doors, no locks. It lives forever there and forever it flows.