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You can do today, all year!

Colleen Hannegan

What if we released your grip a bit on handling everything yourself and began delegating some of the work load to your employees? But what if you don’t have any employees and you work solo?

Try and remember two things I wish to share with you.

1. Never give up. 2. We can do today.

So often we easily overwhelm ourselves at 9 a.m. on Monday morning, thinking about what has to be done by Friday at 5pm. If we carry the thought we will never give up and that we can do today what needs to be done, we can cast off the heavy burden of 4 extra days of work and stay clear about todays’ job duties only. Being a business owner is a thrilling adventure of  a lifetime. As difficult and tiring as some days were when I ran my own retail business, I was always so fulfilled and proud to be own my own business.

During a time when I had to handle a difficult divorce, show up in court frequently, address mounting financial pressure the divorce brought, deal with the IRS audit that showed up at the same time and run my business 6 days a week with 1 part time helper, I was given a very important reminder from my sister. “You can do today, Colleen.” I was at the end of my sanity and mental strength when I phoned her to say I couldn’t take it anymore. There seemed no end in sight to my troubles, honestly! I felt my prayers were unanswered and my ship was sinking! But her advice that morning got me up out of bed with a re-awakened strength. I could do today. I’ve applied that simple principle often since that day seven years ago.

Making new and exciting plans for your beloved business is what a New Year is all about. How exciting! Focus on what needs your personal attention today. TODAY, that’s all there really is, you know!

Let me know how I can assist. I am here for you! Stay happy; stay OPEN!