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The End. It's Always the Beginning of Something New.

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The End. It’s always the beginning of something new. I’m not exactly sure what I’ve finished but I have begun a new chapter of my life here, today. So it can only mean one important thing, that a chapter of my life is complete and I have begun creating a whole new story and you are here to share it with me.

This is very exciting! It feels like a magical mystery tour has just left the ground and we are all flying up and away to some amazing adventures together!

My life is made up of all my past and current experiences and all the loved ones who walk alongside me. I’ve come to understand that a life worth living is to be shared and the loved ones who choose to share it with you are valuable beyond measure.

So let’s get this party started together and see where it takes us!

My dream for this site is to share my “new vision” of all things beautiful, be it in hOMe, in heART or in HEALth. As you know I have a “thing” for business. It’s just who I am in so many ways! SO beauty and abundance in biz will find an outlet here as well.

I hope to introduce you to new faces and friends and special places and stories that inSPIRE the FIRE in each of us. AND…sprinkle it with magic only a “Pharmacist of Bliss” might dream up in her secret underground HERmitage~~ and all that jazz!

Mostly this Girl just wants to have fun; my new sacred word…FUN!

No doubt the site will get refreshed, upgraded and re-decorated as it finds its way through this first year. It wanted to be born on Valentine’s Day and there was no holding HER back….I just had the strangest feeling to PUSH!!!!! So Happy Birthday to us!

This is your special invitation to sign up to JOIN ME and follow the fun and all things beautiful and bountiful discovered herein.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all it reminds us about giving and sharing LOVE, be it to ourselves or others, I dedicate this first day of to you; my family, friends and followers! I love you!

We shall begin…with my essay on… guessed it….LOVE! xx