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Rain Dance

Colleen Hannegan

Two days ago a hint of mackeral sky appeared; “Rain within 3 days”, our native ancestors would have predicted.

“Oh I hope it rains,” I thought. “I would really love to be in the rain in July!”  There has not been rainfall in July in southern California, since, well, a really long time, so long I’m almost certain it’s been never true for me.  The possibility of rain in July felt convivial, playful, mischievious. And so it came.

I walked in the rain last evening and listened to it fall throughout the night. This morning, all windows open, my morning solitude was echoed with raindrops and the gentle impression of a simple prayer answered.


Rain Dance


You asked for rain,

I thought it strange

it’s Summer afterall.

Your Leo sign

so well designed

for Sun’s bright coveralls.


Your wishful thought

My attention caught,

I couldn’t miss the chance

to splash the grey

with water spray

and join you in The Dance.