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Making it Home and Happy Birthday Pops

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My Dad Ted W. Hannegan

My Dad Ted W. Hannegan

I’m coming up for air in my new digs. Cleaner, than Mr. Clean could have created, my new rental condo is now feeling like HOME.

Seven homes in seven years can only be explained by saying I started a big new chapter of my life seven years ago and moving around a bit was part of the story. That story is finished and so begins, it seems, a very exciting new chapter is to be written. Each day I fill in the blanks and find the creating of my life now, is all about play and rest. Or is it rest first, then play? I’m discovering that as well.

My writing and  poetry is urging me to bring it out of the boxes and journals, notepads, memos, binders, morning pages, drafts and re-writes to be shared here. No more arm wrestling with what She wants and needs. It’s all about Her now. After so many years and all the ways She has served me and waiting patiently and valiantly by my side through it all, the stage belongs to Her now.

This poem was written when I moved into my first “treehouse” seven years ago. I re-discovered it this evening and knew this would be the appropriate first poem to share with the www. When searching my photos to represent HOME, a photo of my Dad, Ted W. Hannegan sitting outside his home in Long Beach, CA when he was 5 years old, jumped out at me. Pops, celebrates 89 years of life tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Prepare your home
within your heart, there you will find
the place to start.

The beginning,

the end,

right where you are.

For a home

is always where your heart

feels safe at rest

and where love remembers

it’s true purpose,

to be true to Divine.

Within your heart

are the walls of courage,

the floors of faith on which we stand,

the doors that close to the past then open to now.

In your silent sacred space

is the hearth of Spirit

and the gardens of passion and delight.

To love oneself and honor Spirit,

to let love flow through

to the benefit of all beings, 

to celebrate you and know

Spirit never fails you,

is to find Home.

I wish you all a goodnight in your home.