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Love, As Is

Colleen Hannegan


Love; the four letter word so easily spoken, used as a kind of currency to give or get, win or lose, embrace or let go, to woo, to empower. Love, the elixir to heal, the catalyst of all birth, to grow, nurture and then to finally let go.

Love is love only when it flies free.

Love is always a mirror, reflecting back to those who gaze into it’s luscious pool, the Holy Grail we search for all our lives, our true self. In the eyes of Love we know what is true about who we are. Love given to us by another allows us to stand quietly before our own full length spirit mirror and recognize what has always been and will always be lovable about ourselves.

The one and only you. The unique, never to be duplicated me. True original works of art, a masterpiece, a stand alone star in the galaxy of ever expanding, unending life.

Love given is always love received. Though sometimes it may ricochet off the one it was intended for like a misguided Cupid’s arrow gone awry, Love always knows its true target. Love is an energy that can never dissolve or disintegrate. Love finds its mark like a heat seeking missile.

Love always arrives where it is expected. Love never disappears.

Love. There are volumes written, too many songs to number, unending and forever praises in the name of Love. The celebration of Love is always a beginning for it knows no end. It cannot be recognized with a conclusion, only it’s beginning chapter.

Love is the air we breath, the sunlight that arrives each morning to greet us and the moon and stars twinkling above every evening. Love is the earth that cradles us and feeds us all we really need.

Love never asks for too much, or too little, is never too early or too late. Love is as hard as a rock and as soft as mist.

Love, it asks for only one thing of all it offers us in return; to be accepted and received as is.