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Colleen Hannegan

Our invisible masks, weapons, shields, spears, steel toe’d boots, gloves, helmets, swords, arrows, bullets, arms crossed; injustices, pains, sorrows, regrets, harm, scars, victories, success, winnings, losings, awards, inheritance, gifts, luck, years of hard labor, and smooth sailings. Your mileage and frequent flier miles.

Job titles, degrees, square footage, acreage, the four or six or seven figure income, receipts, registries, wardrobe, bank accounts, investments, make and model,  jewelry, labels, resume, lineage. Your years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, nano seconds. Your millennia, your infinity. Your biggest mind bending thoughts and your pipsqueak ah-ha’s.

Your social security number, your birth sign, your name.

Take it off, take it all off and set it in a nice neat pile at your feet, or a messy heap.  Girlpower is something far greater, more majestic, untouchable, immeasurable, incomparable and our birthright as a woman. It’s not earned it’s given. As unique as you are. ONEOFAKIND. Your very own superpower.

Reach deep down into it and see how high you climb.

Start HERE. Always start HERE.

photo courtesy of Taylor Sheridan

photo courtesy of Taylor Sheridan

Breaking Up with Worry & Rush

Colleen Hannegan

Worrying and rushing don't work....anymore.... in my new life chapter.  They don't create what I desire and long to have in my life, they won't make more magic, they don't share love or heal wounds and heartache. Worrying is all about 'what if' and 'what if' is a poisonous additive to my daily desires.  'What if' is a phantom, an apparition that shows up like a ghost in my dreams, whose only duty  is to frighten me and keep me small in my expressions, childlike in my power and filled with fear.

Rushing is a fear of not getting what I want or missing out on a prize or side-stepping all the bits of synchronicity and bits of magic that lie at my feet and buzz around my head because I'm in such a hurry I don't see them.  To rush is to risk missing out on the serendipicious  treats that shower me with invitations to play if only I might pause and pace myself to see and receive. 

Worry and rush are no friends to me, though I'm completely guilty of trusting in both; often. They'll never fill my bank account, my dinner plate or my wardrobe closet.  I've come to recognize how much they've sucked the life out of me over the years. And maybe now I'm done with both of them so much so, that I just might try living without the two troublemakers. 

Confidence will be my choice over the worry bug and Ease will be my preferred style of motion. I'm inviting Synchronicity and Magic to hang out wth me every day.

I'm imagining a much better relationship with myself!

I took a moment here to look up a good quote on worry to add to the blog and this is what I found.


“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment,  just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. 
― Deepak ChopraSynchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

Thanks Deepak! You expressed it so much better! 

I'll let you know what happens next as I open up to new friends Synchronicity and Magic.~~


Batter, up!

Colleen Hannegan

That's the feeling I carry with me this week. One more time, I'm standing up to bat in a new game, a new chapter, a new inning in my game of life.

My memoir is due out this month. After seven years in the works...(more like five decades in the making!), four editors, numerous coaches, self-help classes and retreats that number more than my toes and fingers, I'm standing up to launch my book into the field of a zillion other books and memoirs, among great and unknown authors alike. Why would I attempt what I have never attempted so far in life and at this later stage? 

I've wondered at many 3am wake-ups this very thing. Why am I willing to risk so much time and money, the hours and effort on such a grand endeavor?  

Because I have a dream. Or maybe it's I had a dream when I was a young woman about how fabulous it would be to write and interest others in my experiences, revelations of life's wonder and magic and in the different places and people I meet along the way. And that at my mid-life juncture this dream came back to me and could no longer be shelved in that place of unlived desire and wishes unfulfilled. It demanded I live it, no matter what. 

So I lived and so I write. And in the telling of my mistakes and success, crisis and healing, the magic proved to be still alive and well in the girl within, who will not shut up about going out and having fun, telling the stories and sharing them all with other women, as well as the brave men who dare to understand the power of the girl within.

My palms are sweaty as I grip my bat, dig my heels into the dirt, and focus my vision on that opportunity that says "batter up." I see the prize of a solid hit, the sound of that cracking, slamming drive and the path this book will take. I'll drive it out into the world and see how high it will fly and where it lands.

And if the dream I have comes true, it will sail into the crowds and I'll have a home run. 

No matter what, I will have lived a dream and seen it come to fruition.

I do still believe, I do still dream and so I write.


me on bike

Flow, baby, flow.

Colleen Hannegan


My heart is broken open….again. Love is the greatest adventure, the highest mountain; deepest ocean, immeasurable, ever moving, calm and raging- a peaceful revolution. It’s not a battlefield, though passing through its’ charge can bring down the mightiest and raise up the lowly to an equality of the human experience. 


    Love heals, though it can feel like pain, chipping away at the hardened shell we often hide in imagining we are safe and cannot be touched by true love that always asks for our surrender.


    How difficult,  to be looking into the depth of our soul, facing our self truth and coming to a screeching halt, knowing there is only this one truth that will set us free from all doubt and worry- that we are lovable. And realizing  the only change that we affect in our lives and in this world is accepting that unattached loving is our greatest lesson, our prized possession, our only honest,  deliberate purpose in life…to love ourselves and all we put our attention to without attachment to outcome. There is no finish to love, or end. It can’t be dammed up and collected or saved or hidden away or owned. 


    And when we hurt and blame loving, we know we’ve tried to hold too tight to the outcome we imagined. An open heart is a living place for love that has no walls, no roof, no doors, no locks. It lives forever there and forever it flows.


Take a Hike and sharpen your Senses

Colleen Hannegan

This morning I decided to walk to the hardware store to make my purchase instead of automatically reaching for the car keys. My idea was to combine morning exercise with a simple chore. Three miles ’round trip. My walks and hikes are more often in the opposite direction from morning traffic but today I thought I’d see what I could see, and to hear things differently.
As I walked on the sidewalk alongside the zooming commuters, my slow and quiet pace was a stark contrast to speed and noise. I reminded myself of how often I drive too fast to make that green light and too impatiently wait for a sole pedestrian to make it across the street. Do I have to wait until they get all the way across? I sensed that was the thought for those caffeine amped worker bees waiting for me to hop back up on the sidewalk and get outta the way! This morning though, drivers were very patient with me. Not one person tried to mow me down in the crosswalk.
I stood at the busy corner waiting for the red hand to turn into the green walker, a bit self conscious, standing solo, feeling vulnerable and so “seen” while thirty odd drives looked at me. I always check out the walkers waiting for their signal to cross when I’m in my car, waiting my turn. It’s something drivers do. You can’t help it. No other walkers were nearby. I was the one pushing the crossing button and single handedly altering traffic flow. That was a power rush, a push of the button and the world demands I get a chance to cross safely.
I walked along an area near the overpass that was dense with high bushes and noticed someone had been sleeping there recently. I’d never noticed speeding by in my CRV. I walked past a man, waiting at the bus stop, his bike next to him with a flat front tire. We made eye contact and smiled. “Oh, a flat tire.” I said. He replied, “Yeah, my brother gave me a bike but didn’t include the air!” We laughed at his joke.
The landscape maintenance worker respectfully paused his mower and smiled a “Good Morning” as I passed his crew and stepped around the trimmed grass and trees.

I made my purchases then headed back home.

Walking along noisy streets is not my first choice for outdoor exercise. I’m out on wilderness trails and in neighborhood parks getting my exercise almost every day. But once in awhile, walking in my neighborhood helps me to remember how to be a conscious driver; easy on the speed, more patient with pedestrians, aware of the people around me, not just their cars, and pay better attention to what I see and hear. It’s so easy to be distracted inside your car.

I had this funny image of all the people going to work, walking, instead of driving. All lined up at the red lights, standing single file, tapping their foot impatiently. And the commuters in the opposite direction, walking quickly through the intersection while they had the green light favor. All that serious speed and heavy metal replaced with……..just people walking. If they had to yell at each other instead of use their horn, would they think twice? Afterall, cutting someone off while you’re walking would look rather ridiculous.

I love having my car. I really enjoy moving along and listening to music and getting from here to there in a very short time. But today I wanted to just move at my own easy paced 3 MPH and remind myself I have a choice, to stop look and listen, no matter how fast I’m moving.