About Me

I Owned My Own Successful Retail Business for 22 years here in Southern California.

Prior to running my own business, I was in management for 10 years. I learned how NOT to      supervisor others by watching my superiors apply  boot-camp tactics to employees in order to force sales. It never worked. Unhappy employees, really unhappy clients.

I knew I had a way to serve others that would be productive and prosperous AND make me feel ultimately fulfilled. My first day in business I was so happy to serve my new clients and offer my products, I forgot to buy a cash register! To me it was all about offering great service. We worked out the change drawer later that day.

My business (Modern Eyewear), endured two recessions, three floods, three location moves, competition from big retailers and the internet, an IRS audit,  and all the surprises  that life can deliver in 22 years. I learned how to properly handle my fluctuating finances through it all.

Me looking upDuring the 22 years of running my own business, my motto was “Never Give Up.”

My enthusiasm and passion for giving my clients the best customer service they’d ever received in their entire life, fueled my business growth and allowed me the chance to feel really good about my contribution to others.

As your Spirited Business Advisor, I teach, encourage, and inspire business owners, the profitable techniques and proven skills I’ve learned as a business owner.

One of the best words of advice I can offer you is “Don’t give up too soon!”

So many business owners don’t have the experience or counsel to know sound alternatives to quiting their business.

An expert who has endured many years of same difficulties and worries, and who survived and prospered, can offer you alternative ideas and clever solutions to smooth out those rough spots that are sure to come along.

I serve as a bridge between the Spirit of your business, the people working in your business and the Spirits of those people. I serve your business to bring balance, healing and harmony to the business, to the owners and employees of the business and to the physical place where those business work from. When there is disharmony in the work place, every one connected is affected. Learning to attune and align with the Spirit of my business allowed me the level of success I experienced  in very difficult financial times.

I am certified in Quantum-Touch and in the Energy Healing Basics. My certification program as a Corporate Shaman  introduced me to so much more of the assistance and love of the invisible that I had always applied to my service to others. These lessons have  amplified my faith and trust in the surrounding loving power available to all.

Weekends you’ll find me enjoying nature hikes or mountain bike adventure in my nearby wilderness parks. Eight years ago I stepped into nature and found the weekend therapy of being out there, renewed me for my work week and reduced stress! I absolutely encourage my clients to discover their time in nature as a much needed support to a happy and healthy life.