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I think of myself as a storyteller, telling stories about my life, my midlife adventures and things I've learned in the business world. I love to do research; finding answers to life's questions that keep turning up with every new chapter in my life.  I'm a professional speaker and  personal life coach for women in transition. My book, The Girl on Bike, A Mountain Bike, A Mid-Life Adventure and Men in Shorts tells the story of how I re-discovered the girl within and shifted gears at 50. 

I was born the fifth of twelve children and learned quickly how to share, appreciate hand-me-downs and eat fast when dinner was served. My parents provided me with five sisters and six brothers who are some of the  brightest, most talented people I know! And oh how we laugh together!

My super daughter Leah, makes me prouder every year and wiser, too! 

I don't have any pets. Just never had an inkling to care for one. But I do love caring for close friends, potted geraniums and whatever's cooking in the oven.

I love beautifully designed home interiors; in fact I so appreciate BEAUTY, in every form. I seek it out every day. 

I've had a unquenchable desire to connect with deep spiritual thoughts for as long as I can remember. Imagined myself as a monk, living high on a hill in a monastery praying for the world in my early Catholic school days. Loved collecting holy cards, too!

This strong, underlying thread of noble and peaceful thinking has carried me through close to six decades of life change, surprises, bumpy roads, smooth freeways, a few close ties and an ocean of love, pain, false starts and grand finish lines, wonder and magic. Always the magic.

What I know for sure is, going with the flow of one's life is the surest (not easiest) and most direct path to happiness and joy. 

No matter what.

Hello, World!



There comes a moment in everyone’s life when stepping out into the unknown seems much safer than trying to survive a familiar place of pain and struggle. Such a moment arrived for Colleen Hannegan when her deepest desires for happiness and freedom forced her to run away from an increasingly violent marriage. Finding strength through the love of her family and friends, Colleen discovers the way back to her self when she takes a walk down to the end of the sidewalk near her new apartment and steps onto the dirt of a wilderness park.


Available September 2014. Click here to pre-order you signed copy for $22 (includes free postage)

Available September 2014. Click here to pre-order you signed copy for $22 (includes free postage)