About Me

Colleen looking over glasses

I assist other business owners in solving problems and staying profitable. I owned my own successful retail business for 22 years. It pays to speak with an experienced professional when you need sound advice. I can help you prioritize your work week and teach you how to create a more productive team.

I work with business owners to bring balance, harmony and efficiency to the business. Productivity increases and profits follow more easily..


Our whole team responded well to Colleen's skill of reflecting back to us why we do what we do and what a gift it is to the world. It's like she turned up the light in the room so we could see more clearly our goals and intelligent plan of action.

Dr. B. Andrews, Scientist.

Spending time in nature reduces stress, increases one's vitality and makes one think more clearly at work!




Take a Hike and sharpen your Senses.

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Mi$take$. The le$$on$ we never forget.

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Wage War Against Low Wages

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